Syllabus & Schedule Spring 2012:

The first part of this class will briefly introduce basic concepts and terminology to discuss parasites, vectors, and the (human) host and their relationship to each other. We will then explore a number of important diseases and the diverse set of helminths and protozoa causing them. We will highlight critical aspects of the biology of parasitism and parasitic disease as we go along. The lectures aim to span the entire field ranging from the molecular biology of the parasite to the implementation of control programs in the field. We will upload lectures in pdf and ppt format after each session.

The class will be held on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule from 9:30-10:45 a.m. in room 175 of the Coverdell Center. Grading for this class is A-F. There will be two written exams and a cummulative final. All academic work must meet the standards contained in “A Culture of Honesty.” Students are responsible for informing themselves about those standards before performing any academic work. More detailed information about academic honesty can be found at: Attendance will be taken each class, and students may not miss more than three classes. The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary.

Contacts: Dr. Boris Striepen,; Dr. Silvia Moreno,

Date Lecture  Notes
Jan10 , Tu Introduction to this class (Schedule, Grading etc). Basic concepts in Parasitology.  (Striepen)

pdf & ppt

CDC Division of Parasitic Diseses (Images, disease info, diagnostics)
WHO-TDR Media (Images, Video clips etc.)

Jan 12,Th Vector Biology 101. General biology and diversity of arthropods. Introduction into key groups of medical interest. (Striepen)
pdf & ppt

Movie of tick feeding (courtesy of Dr. Glen Needham, OHSU)

Check out your drawings: the diversity of spider and insect anatomy according to CB4500 2012!

Jan 17, Tu Immunity to infection -- a crash course (Tarleton) pdf & ppt

These are usually great lectures for folks with interest in public health: VOICES FROM THE VANUGUARD LECTURE SERIES:
"Clean water and disease prevention in the developing world”
Robert Tauxe, M.D., M.P.H.
Centers for Disease Control
5:30 PM, Tuesday, January 17th, UGA Chapel

Jan 19, Th Fundamental concepts in Public Health and Tropical Medicine (Colley) pdf & ppt  
Jan 24, Tu Trematodes or flukes. Introduction into platyhelminth biology, life cycles , human lung and liver fluke disease. (Striepen)

pdf & ppt

Watch a Leucochloridium movie

Intro into stem cells and planaria: short & interesting video from Sanchez lab & Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The brain worm manipulating the poor and check it out in cartoon form and as little video from National Geographic (correct mostly). Personally I like the cartoon better.

Jan 26, Th Schistosomiasis (Moreno) pdf & ppt

Watch the schistosomiasis TV production Dr. Moreno showed in class

Schistosoma life cycle animation at the Wellcome Trust web site.

Jan 31 , Tu Biology of cestodes or tape worms. (Moreno) pdf & ppt
Cb4500 tapeworms for your viewing pleasure.
Feb 2, Th Introduction into the biology of Nematodes (Striepen) pdf & ppt


Find extensive information on the biology, epidemiology and history of trichinellosis at

Feb 7, Tu Important human diseases caused by nematodes II, GI nematodes, immunity & hygiene hypothesis. (Striepen) pdf & ppt

Hookworm infection

Immunemodulation by worms and hygiene hypothesis

Don't try this at home but wait for science to settle the effectiveness and risks: Attempts of self cure by worm infection

Feb 9, Th Filariasis, Pathogenesis of river blindness and lympahtic filariasis, control programs (Striepen)
pdf & ppt

Watch video productions on onchocerciasis & lymphatic filariasis and the community centered control programs at this WHO site


Feb 14, Tu Exam 1
Feb 16, Th Introduction into Protozoa & Entamoeba histolytica and human ameobiasis (Striepen)
pdf & ppt Entamoeba movies showing contact dependent killing from the Petri lab
Feb21 , Tu Giardia & Trichomonas (Moreno)  
pdf & ppt
Feb 23, Th American Trypanosomes, Chagas disease a chronic infection. (Moreno)     
pdf & ppt

CDC Chagas fact sheet. Chagas Foundation with links to news and recent scientific publication on Chagas.

Feb 28, Tu Leishmania and the identification of molecular factors governing host parasite interaction (Striepen)
pdf & ppt

Leishmania movie at the WHO/TDR site.

One World Health program on paramomycin and visceral leishmaniasis. Learn more about the program and the not-for-profit drug company concept.

Mar 1 , Th African Trypansomes I, biology of parasite and tse-tse vector, sleeping sickness & Nagana  (Moreno)
pdf & ppt Eliminating Human African Trypanosomiasis: Where Do We Stand and What Comes Next? a PLoS Medicine review
Mar 6 , Tu African Trypansomes II, antigenic variation and control of gene expression (Striepen)  
pdf & ppt Short review paper summarizing the basic concepts of allelic exclusion (one and only one gene is expressed at a time) in trypanosomes.
Mar 8, Th Trypanosomes III (Moreno)
pdf & ppt

Spring Break
Mar 20, Tu Toxoplasma I, Biology of the parasite and development of disease. (Moreno) 
pdf & ppt

Review article on toxoplasmosis in Lancet.

Mar 22, Th Toxoplasma II, The cell biology of host cell invasion.  (Striepen)
pdf & ppt

Good review article on apicomplexan invasion. To see movies again go to Dr. Ward's webstite. View animations of invasion and the gliding machine.

Snail racing on wikipedia and in action.

Mar 27, Tu Malaria I, Parasite biology, disease & treatment (Moreno)

Recent news articles on malaria treatment and the discussion on bed nets

Ma 29, Th Malaria II, Pathogenesis and drug treatment & resistance  (Striepen)
pdf & ppt Check out animations of the malaria life cycle from WEHI & HHMI (note there are two parts)
Apr 3, Tu Exam II
  Questions will include Thursday's lecture on malaria pathogenesis.
Apr 05, Th
Pirosplasm, parasites and cancer (Striepen)
pdf & ppt

Check out the Border Cowboys. Animation of host cell invasion by the Theileria sporozoite.

Apr 10, Tu
Chemotherapy of parasitic diseases (Docampo)
Apr 12, Th
Cryptosporidium & other opportunistic infections associated with AIDS(Moreno)
pdf & ppt

Apr 17 , Tu
Vaccines (Moreno)
pdf & ppt

Apr 19, Th Developing Vaccines for Schistosomiasis (Harn)  
Apr 24, Tu Vector control, new approaches (Moreno) pdf & ppt  
Apr 30, Mo

Monday April 30, 5 PM, room 175 Coverdell

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May 3, Th Final Exam  

Note different time and different room: Pharmacy Building, Room 338, 8:00 am - 11:00 am

This is the older white building of the School of Pharmacy